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AMELIORATE starts in the laboratory with each ingredient undergoing numerous efficacy tests. Our experts research and combine ingredients to create the perfect ‘recipe’. All AMELIORATE products are clinically proven and dermatologically tested.

Designed for people with the skin condition, Keratosis Pilaris, the unique combination of ingredients within each product also hydrates very dry skin and make normal skin amazingly soft and smooth.

From our unique Exfoliating Body Mitt to our Softening Bathing Powder, our products can be used together or individually but all of our skincare system will help you have smoother, softer healthier-looking skin.

AMELIORATE is developed for everybody. From 3 years old to old age, all ethnicities, men and women, those with very dry skin, Keratosis Pilaris or ‘chicken skin’, ingrown hairs and those with normal skin.

As it exfoliates to reveal new skin and moisturises for up to 12 hours, it allows your skin to look and feel its healthiest at all times.  AMELIORATE is for anyone wanting their skin to look and feel the best it can be. 

-87% agree their skin feels smoother

-94% agree their skin feels softer

-97% agree their dry skin feels moisturised

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