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Colic Calm provides fast natural relief for baby’s colic, gas and upset stomach when it’s needed most. This proprietary formula combines homeopathic ingredients that the principals according to homeopathy, gently encourage baby’s body to heal itself rather than merely suppressing symptoms. That means relief within minutes for baby and parents alike. Colic Calm is a great tasting FDA-listed medicine that only needs to be administered when infant digestive discomfort symptoms occur. No regular dosing is needed. Colic Calm helps support infant digestive systems that are still developing and adjusting to new foods & liquids. This unique homeopathic blend also calms baby’s discomfort from stomach aches, reflux and hiccups and teething.

Colic Calm’s formula is non-habit forming, has no known side effects and contains No sugar, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), simethicone, wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, animal products, artificial flavors or colors.


We are proud of our reputation for excellence, caring and trust that has been built up and evidenced by our many hundreds of testimonials.

Since its discovery, Colic Calm has helped over 1 million babies and has quickly become the leading natural medicine for treating the related conditions of infant colic, gas and upset stomach.

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